Are you wanting to visit the world with your pets’, but you are worried about your house’s safety?

Pet Sitters Plus, LLC is ready to help you with your house’s safety and security. We can stay at your house or come by and check on it.

House Sitting
$20 / 1 h
* Watering up to 5 of your plants additional plants will be an additional fee

* Check your landscaping for damages

* Items needing attention - we will contact your landscaper

* Check for water leaks

* Confirm that your refrigerator and freezers are running and food is still good

* Confirm your AC equipment is functioning

* Make your house appear to be lived in by turning on or off certain lights and moving curtains or shutters

*Check your pool's water levels and that it is clean - will contact pool cleaner if necessary

* We can be the contact name for security reasons so, when your alarm goes off due to the wind or because of predator we will be there to provide access to security or police

* Bring in your mail or newspapers and we will forward if request us to do so

* Sign for your boxes

* Send your updates on your home

* If we stay at your house we will provide our own food, bed sheets, and towels.  When you return, you will find it the way  you left it.  You will never know we have been there.